Bitcoin – Final move down?

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  1. gs sagt:

    Ruhiger Handel im Cryptomarkt über das Wochenende.
    Bitcoin schiebt sich langsam nach oben.
    Hier ist meine aktualisierte Einschätzung:
    Weiteres bärisches Potential sehe ich aktuell nicht. Ein neues Tief muss nicht mehr kommen.
    Die Formation eines endenden Dreiecks bringt nach einem Ausbruch meist sehr impulsive Bewegungen .

  2. SannyQuorp sagt:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. gs sagt:

    Bitcoin and the crypto market with further losses today.
    The path of least resistance seems to be down and Bitcoin making new bear market lows near term.
    Here´s prefered view right now
    This is valid for Bitcoin staying under the recent 3845 low.
    If this is playing out, new lows will be temporay.

    • Anonymous sagt:

      Bitcoin broke to new lows yesterday, as expected.
      So far, the posted view is still valid. If that is the path, Bitcoin must stabilize in this area and move up again.
      But, the possibility of an acceleration to the downside must be considered.

    • gs sagt:

      The cryptomarket showed a little bit of green today.
      Bitcoin could have found a short term bottom at todays 3300 low.
      The cleanest way would drive bitcoin above the recent 3645 high to go for the red down-trendline as highlighted in my previous comment.
      If it goes beneath 3300, bitcoin could be on its way for another temporary short term low, depending on the developing structure of the downmove.

    • Anonymous sagt:

      Bitcoin seems to be on its way to new lows for this bear market.
      The lower down-trendline gives a goal of 3070.
      If Bitcoin rushes through this area, then something more bearish is in the making.
      So, we have to carefully watch the way Bitcoin approaches this new low.

  4. Anonymous sagt:

    The whole crypto market with losses today.
    Bitcoin made a new low since the latest signifikant high at 4410.
    The overall structure suggests, that we are still in a sideways correction with new lows to follow sooner or later.

  5. gs sagt:

    Bitcoin could have made the high for this upward correction today and could be already on its way to new bear market lows.
    Here´s my current preferred view:

    • Anonymous sagt:

      So, let´s see what is happening over the weekend.
      The path is set. Bearish for new lows under the latest high at 4410.

      • gs sagt:

        Bitcoin was unexpectedly stable after the initial drop to 3870. If it also get´s above the latest highs at 4275 and especially 4415, the case for a bullish head and shoulders pattern with much higher prices could be made.
        For further bearish potential, the mentioned highs must remain intact.

        • Anonymous sagt:

          Bitcoin did not manage to climb to higher levels and sold off to a low of 3744 Dollar today.
          It should fall further to maintain the bearish view.
          A rise above 4022 on the other hand would be a sign, that we have seen a completed abc down correction from 4410 with a challenge of this 4410 high.

          • gs sagt:

            So, Bitcoin broke shortly the latest 4022 Dollar high and took out the recent series of lower lows. Therefore, you can´t be too bearish on Bitcoin in the short term.
            If Bitcoin manages to climb above the 4000 Dollar area, the 4410 high seems to be challenged.

  6. gs sagt:

    Strong rally in the crypto market today with bitcoin already hitting the 4200 level from yesterdays post.
    But, don´t get too excited. Right now, new lows can´t be ruled out and we could already have seen the top of this abc countertrend move.
    A new high above todays high would at least dismiss some bearish possibilitys.

  7. gs sagt:

    There are muliple ways to look at the downmove in bitcoin since the 6550 high.
    Right now, there can be some additional minor new lows, but most of the selling should be over.
    A first minor new low target lies at 3325 Dollar.

    • gs sagt:

      A little green in the crypto market after todays sideways trading.
      Bitcoin shows signs of stabilization and with the low of today not challenged, bitcoin could run up to the 4200 level. This depends on the developing structure.
      Overall, this current price movement looks like a upward correction with new lows sooner or later on the table.

  8. gs sagt:

    Starke Kursbewegungen in Bitcoin über das Wochenende. Bitcoin markierte in der Tat unter hohem Volumen ein neues Tief bei 3460 Dollar, um dann schnell und dynamisch über die 4000 Dollar zu steigen.
    Divergenzen in verschiedenen markttechnischen Indikatoren würden, obwohl nicht favorisiert, eine Möglichkeit für ein signifikantes Tief unterstützen.

  9. gs sagt:

    Another day of strong selling in the crypto market with heavy volume.
    The low for today was 4040 and with that, my primary count for Bitcoin sind July got busted!
    Here´s my adjusted count for Bitcoin, that allows for little more room to the downside:
    And here are the good news: A break out of a triangle formation is followed by an ending move. So, if the current selling is over, we should quickly go back to the 6300 area.

    • Anonymous sagt:

      Bitcoin in the green today. This looks like a corrective upward movement. Give Bitcoin a little more room to the upside, before a new round of selling takes Bitcoin under 4000.

      • gs sagt:

        No new price information in sideways trading for today.
        A new high above the recent 4626 high is favoured in this supposed upward correction before new selling starts.

        • Anonymous sagt:

          Bitcoin is trading sideways in a relatively weak manner after this massiv selling into the 4040 low. This indicates, that the bear pressure is still very high and new lows shoul follow. But, a little more upside room is still possible, before new selling starts.

  10. gs sagt:

    Strong selling in the whole crypto market today with ripple relatively stable.
    Bitcoins new bear market low for now is 4677. That is my optimal target already hit. But, the selling pressure is still strong and no signs of a recovery are visible.
    The invalidation point from the above analysis is 4320.

  11. Anonymous sagt:

    The spike up to 5664 in weekends trading would perfectly fit as the starting point for the next downsing with Bitcoin making then a new low.

  12. gs sagt:

    Bitcoin violently broke out of the triangle to a new low at 5187 for this bear market at , shortly after the analysis went online.
    So, this is a very interesting time to invest in bitcoin. If the analysis above is indeed the correct path for bitcoin, we could reach the preset target with the next downswing. Furthermore this would mark a complete impulse wave down since 6540 that could be a very signifikant low.

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